Saturday 27 November 2021
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Gotham By-Election: Candidates outline their priorities

The candidates in the upcoming Gotham by-election have outlined why they want to be elected.

Voters will head to the polls tomorrow, Thursday, August 23, to choose a new councillor for Rushcliffe Borough Council.

The count will take place from 10pm, with a result expected around midnight.

The Conservative Party will retain control of the council regardless of the result.

Below, the candidates gave their responses when asked why they want to represent the ward.

Jason Billin, Liberal Democrat

“Gotham Ward faces huge uncertainty over imminent and future developments that will impact all of our residents.

“Clifton Pastures will bring much-needed housing to Rushcliffe, but will have a direct impact on the quality of life for our local residents, as will the closure of Ratcliffe Power Station.

“Infrastructure, transport links (including cycle-ways) and schooling are key. HS2 will also come through Redhill Marina.

“I promise to work with all parish councils, residents’ groups and other Rushcliffe councillors to make sure that these and other issues are resolved.

“No knee-jerk reaction, but pragmatic representation to maintain the quality of life enjoyed by residents and businesses in the ward.”

Stuart Matthews, Independent

“I have more than 16 years experience as a parish and borough councillor and I’m the only standing candidate to have any experience, which is vital.

“In particular, at the borough it took me more than two years to work my way through the different officers’ departments and I have excellent relationships with them all.

“I live locally and act locally for all residents. I donate my RBC allowance to local causes. In the three years I was the borough councillor I donated £13,000.

“I am not a career politician I am a local resident working hard 24-7 for everyone.”

Lewis McAulay, Labour Party

“I’m Lewis and I am standing up for Gotham Ward. I am best placed to represent people in Gotham as I live here with my partner Vicky and young son.

“I work locally at British Gypsum where I have a proven track record of representing workers.

“I have been out speaking with many local residents and share your concerns.

“I will stand up for the people of Gotham Ward; I will fight for our schools to be properly funded, action against speeding in our area, encourage the building of more affordable housing whilst protecting the green belt. I will be your voice and accountable to you.”

Neil Pinder, Green Party

“I was born in Rushcliffe and I hope to make it as good a place to live today as when I was a child in the 1950s.

“In my lifetime, we have taken from our planet, benefited enormously in terms of wealth and belongings but given next to nothing back in return.

“As a Green Party councillor, I would be able to influence policies that would make cycling safer and more appealing, give better protection for wildlife, restrict the sale of materials that cannot be recycled, come down heavy on littering and fly-tipping – all the kinds of things that would make the borough even better.

Rex Walker, Conservative Party

“Born and bred in Gotham, I live in the village with my wife and young family. I work in our family estate agency. I’m a magistrate and occasional rugby coach and referee.

“From the community, I understand local issues and will always fight our corner. I am the candidate best placed to influence decisions made at borough level.

“I will use this influence to campaign for a cycle path from Gotham to the tram.

“I’ll also campaign to ensure Clifton Pastures provides good quality homes, jobs and the infrastructure required like a new health centre, appropriate road access and enough school places.”