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Greenfields Community School in The Meadows celebrates OFSTED report describing it as a ‘special place’

Greenfields Community School is a City of Nottingham Local Authority primary school in the Meadows area of Nottingham.

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Staff, parents, children and Governors are celebrating following an Ofsted Inspection in March 2020 which has judged Greenfields Community School in the Meadows area of Nottingham to be a good school with many outstanding features.

The report has only just been published due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The inspectors judged the personal development of the pupils, the leadership and management of the school and the early years’ provision to be outstanding. The behaviour and attitudes of the children were judged to be good as was the overall quality of education.

Greenfields Community School

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Greenfields Community School is a City of Nottingham Local Authority primary school in the Meadows area of Nottingham which is proud to serve a rich and ethnically diverse community – more than thirty languages are spoken at the school. The school is part of the Nottingham Schools Trust.

Headteacher, Terry Smith, said: “We are absolutely delighted with the report from Ofsted. It has been a fantastic team effort with staff, parents and governors all working together to provide a great education for the children. It is great that Ofsted has recognised all of the hard work by everybody involved in the school.”

Greenfields Community School

“It is especially pleasing to see that the Inspectors appreciated our work on areas such as children working outside the classroom, gardening and Forest Schools and the importance of music and the whole school singing together. The Inspectors have also recognised how staff go “above and beyond” to care for the children. Greenfields is indeed a very special place and for Ofsted to recognise that is fantastic.”

Greenfields Community School

Mr Smith added, “the new Ofsted Inspection Framework was only introduced in September 2019 and is considerably more challenging than it has been before. To have received this praise from Ofsted so soon after the introduction of the new framework is a fantastic achievement.”

Greenfields Community School

“It is great news for all of the Meadows community.”

“We are delighted to have been judged to be a good school with many outstanding features. The inspectors referred to Greenfields as “a special place.”

Chair of Governors, Johanna Langheld, said, “On behalf of the Governors, I am delighted to welcome this OFSTED Report. It is a comprehensive acknowledgement of the incredible effort which all of the staff – whether in the classroom or the office, the dining hall or the gardens – make to ensure a wonderful education for Greenfields children. We would like to thank them for their total commitment and boundless enthusiasm.”

Mrs Langheld added, “At a time when children are facing unprecedented challenges and an uncertain future, the emphasis which Mr Smith and his team put not only on first-class learning but also encouraging the children to respect and value everyone, to have confidence in their own and varied abilities and to look after the environment and their communities, provides the best possible preparation for whatever path they choose. This outcome is a clear indicator of the outstanding work that teachers do, often unrecognised.”

“This is a good school with many outstanding features.”

• The personal development of the children is outstanding

• The leadership and management of the school is outstanding

• The early years provision is outstanding

• The quality of education is good

• The behaviour and attitudes of the pupils are good.

Some quotes from the report:

“Many pupils and staff told us how proud they feel of the school. They call Greenfields ‘a special place’.”

“Pupils often go outside to learn about nature. They grow a lot of produce in the school garden and view wildlife at close quarters. The outdoor spaces are very well developed. This has been recognised through winning the Nottingham in Bloom and East Midlands in Bloom ‘best school grounds’ awards.”

“Pupils behave well around school. Pupils told us they understand what is meant by bullying.
They say staff listen and help if they have any worries.”

“In lessons, pupils pay attention because they want to do well. They respond well to teachers’
expectations because relationships are warm and supportive. Pupils achieve well in reading,
writing and mathematics by the end of Year 6.”

“Leaders and staff provide pupils with a good quality of education. The teaching of English and mathematics are consistently strong.”

“Staff foster a love of reading throughout the school. They have created inviting
reading areas in all classrooms. They told us that ‘everything stops’ for the daily story-times. Pupils achieve highly in reading by the end of Year 6.”

“Pupils take pride in their work.”

“Pupils with SEND are fully included in the life of the school.”

“Diversity is well celebrated.”

“Staff have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour.”

“Children from all backgrounds achieve well and are strongly motivated.”

“Leaders and staff have an exceptionally strong focus on promoting pupils’ personal
development and positive mental health. They provide care and support for pupils
that goes beyond the norm.”

“Staff speak highly of the care and support they receive from leaders. They say this
enables them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.”
“There is a highly positive culture of care and vigilance for pupils’ safety and well-being.”

“Children in the early years receive highly effective teaching and care. Children from
all backgrounds achieve well and are strongly motivated. Staff told us they aim to provide ‘irresistible learning’ so that children are very well prepared for Year 1.”

“There is a highly positive culture of care and vigilance for pupils’ safety and well-being. All staff know the pupils and the needs of the community very well.”

There were just two areas that Ofsted have identified where the school needs to improve and the school is already well under way with these.

Firstly, the school curriculum. The new Ofsted Framework and the new primary curriculum only started in September 2019 so the school was inspected very soon after their introduction. Inevitably, there is still some more work to do on this although, as the Inspectors said, “the school’s curriculum is already coherently planned and sequenced in all subjects.” The school’s curriculum is and has always been varied and exciting and offers great opportunities for the children to learn in a variety of different ways.

Secondly, attendance – “Some pupils do not attend school as regularly as they should.”
The school has put into place a variety of things to ensure that the school works together, as a community of teachers, parents and Governors, to ensure that all of our children are in school all of the time and we will continue to work on this to ensure the best possible outcomes for all the children.

Mr Smith added, “We already were aware of the areas that we have to work on and are confident that these too will be judged to be outstanding when the OFSTED inspectors next visit.”