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West Bridgford
Thursday, April 9, 2020

Greythorn Primary School celebrates 30 years


Greythorn Primary School in West Bridgford is now 30 years old and staff and pupils have gone back to the 80s to celebrate in style.

Sarah Cox, Deputy Head Teacher at the school says, “Greythorn opened its doors in 1988 and we wanted today’s pupils to appreciate that there has been education here for the children of Compton Acres for all of that time.

We have displayed some old photographs showing the site when it was still a farm and we are doing all sorts of 80’s themed activities throughout the day.”

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The whole school got behind the birthday celebrations by wearing 1980’s themed clothing, Sarah said. “The pupils have really entered into the spirit of the 80’s and when you look around the playground it is like looking at a different place. Just so much denim and neon and legwarmers everywhere!”

Pupil Karamjot Basi, age 10, said the day was fun and exciting. “We are doing things themed around the 80’s and moving around classrooms to do different activities and it’s all because it is the school’s 30th birthday. I think Miss Hudd is wearing the best outfit because she is usually neat and today her hair is a bit messy and falling about and it has been making everyone laugh!”

Pupil Olivia Peters came to school wearing an outfit topped off with a red tennis visor. “My favourite bit about today has been seeing the Teachers dressed up when we arrived at school, it was so funny! My mum helped me to get my outfit together, it was a lot of fun.

I said I couldn’t believe someone would design a handbag when we could have something as clever as a bum bag! We have had such fun, I wish it could be like this every day!”
Pupil Charlotte McCann was helped by her mum to get her special outfit organised too. “My T-shirt says, ‘Frankie says…’ on the front, and on the back, it says ‘Happy Birthday Greythorn’.

I think my mum really likes 80’s clothes and that she wishes she could wear them now without getting any strange looks! The outfits are really funny, and we have been having fun doing 80’s dancing too. Mrs MacDonald our Head Teacher is wearing a good outfit, when I saw her first thing it made me laugh a lot. I am really enjoying it because I really like my school loads, – over the top!”

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