Sunday 14 April 2024
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Greythorn Primary School children awarded ‘Green’ Blue Peter badges

Year 5 and 6 children at Greythorn Primary School in West Bridgford have received green Blue Peter badges in recognition of their efforts to protect the environment.

As part of their learning enquiry ‘How do humans affect the future of our planet?’, children from Years 5 and 6 completed a series of pledges, both in school and at home.

The pledges included the ‘Power Pledge’, where children swapped 30 minutes of ‘screen time’ for outdoor activity, and the ‘Plastic Pledge’, which saw children carefully sorting their recycling at school and at home.

Their ‘Plant Pledge’ was aimed at saving water and children chose to turn off taps whilst brushing their teeth, thereby conserving water for plants and trees. By switching off lights and devices when leaving their classrooms, children achieved their ‘Supersize Power Pledge’.

In recognition of their work, all of the children taking part received a green Blue Peter badge, becoming ‘Climate Heroes’.

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Pupil Alex Hannan aged 10 said, “I spent half an hour outside every day instead of going on technology. Also, I made sure to put all recyclable materials into the correct bin- I learnt that some things can be recycled which I didn’t know before.

“It is really important to look after the environment because otherwise we won’t have a nice place to live in. I felt really proud when I got my badge because I was proud of what I did to achieve it!”

Fellow pupil Marley Cameron aged 10 also took part and said, “I made sure I always switched off the bedroom and bathroom lights when I wasn’t in there- I still try and do that now!

“Also, I saved water by making sure to turn off the tap when I am not using it whilst brushing my teeth. It is important to look after our planet because it will affect our future and the next generation’s future too. I felt really happy to get my badge because it was a good achievement.”

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