Greythorn Primary School sports spectacular!

Hayden Reekie

West Bridgford’s Greythorn Primary School has enjoyed a bumper week of sunshine and sports that made its pupils jump for joy!

The sports spectacular was aided by student Sport Leaders from the West Bridgford School and was well attended by families and friends.

Head Teacher Sally Macdonald said that it had been a joyful occasion. “We’ve had a whole week of sport and it’s been fantastic to see the children engaged in sporting activities that many of them have never tried before. We hope this will inspire them to continue to be involved in sport and develop healthy habits for life.

Lainie Tainton
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We would like to thank the student helpers from the West Bridgford School and the friends and families for helping us to make our sports week such a success. We would also like to say a big thank you to the fantastic Mr Scholar from Koala Klubs who did so much work with the children during the week and even got our parents and teachers dancing to begin each day!”

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Children took part in running, speed jumps, throwing balls and javelins and the long jump whilst observing the school’s strong ethos of respect and sportsmanship.

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