Monday 5 December 2022
5.6 C

Gritters out tonight as temperatures drop to -0.5ºC

Gritting teams will out on the roads for the first time this season.

Temperatures of the road surface (RST) are expected to drop below zero.

The council said:

‘We grit 445km of Nottingham’s roads every wintry night – our top priority is keeping the city moving, especially those routes used by the emergency services and public transport.

‘The busiest roads are gritted first – the ones people use to get to schools, workplaces and hospitals.

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‘You can use grits from one of our 200 grit bins to grit the pavement on your street, or use ordinary table salt on steps and paths.

‘We have around 200 yellow grit bins placed around the city, sited in places with steep slopes or in areas that are particularly exposed to the elements.’

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