Monday 4 March 2024
10.3 C

Handelsbanken join cookery course in aid of The Friary

Handelsbanken West Bridgford, set out to fundraise for local charity The Friary to ensure services at their Drop-In and the newly opened Advice Centre on Musters Road continue to get the financial underpinning needed in the absence of in-person fundraising events.

With the help of Alison Sloan and her online cookery courses to generate lots of interest and skill sharing, Handelsbanken’s staff encouraged their customers, friends & families to join them on Zoom to help fundraise.

Everyone said how much they enjoyed the cookery and even if the end results (kitchen tidiness) were not always 5 star the meals were absolutely delicious! What a great Covid-safe way to socialize & fundraise during lockdown!

A total of £1,070 was donated this month with a further £1,000 in matched funding to follow from Handelsbanken.

Handelsbanken made a socially distanced visit to the Friary Drop-in Centre to hear recent success stories of how the Friary has continued to meet the needs of the homeless.

John Gell, Corporate Manager, and his colleague Brian Lewandowski, Account Manager Support, went to see for themselves the newly opened Advice Centre and to hear first-hand from Friary’s Senior Advice Officer about people accessing support recently.

This brought home the harsh reality to our corporate visitors of the effects when financial hardship and welfare is affected on top of poor mental or physical health.

The Friary’s recently opened Advice Centre is all about prevention of homelessness and with fundraising such as this from Handelsbanken to support this work will mean people getting pertinent advice to manage their financial situation to reduce the risk of that person losing their home.

If your organization is interested in supporting the Friary please get in touch: