Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Healthwatch Nottingham and Nottinghamshire celebrates 10 years

On 19 July Healthwatch Nottingham and Nottinghamshire (HWNN) celebrated 10 years.

The organisation commemorated a momentous milestone, marking a decade of dedicated service in amplifying the voices of local people to be heard by NHS decision makers and policy makers in our health and social care system.

The 10th-anniversary celebration, held at the New Art Exchange in Hyson Green, witnessed overwhelming success as numerous community groups came together to foster connections and build a stronger, more inclusive healthcare advocacy network.

Over the past decade, HWNN has remained steadfast in its mission to bridge the gap between healthcare services and the people they serve.

By actively listening to the experiences of residents across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, HWNN has played a vital role in both challenging and influencing NHS decision makers and policy creators, striving to bring about meaningful change and improvements in the healthcare system.

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The celebratory event saw participation from many different community groups, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders who all shared a common vision of inclusive, equitable and accessible healthcare for everyone.

Attendees engaged in productive discussions, shared experiences, and exchanged valuable insights on how to enhance the healthcare landscape for the greater good of the community.

In line with the milestone celebration, HWNN unveiled its strategic vision for the future, reiterating its ambitious goals to continue driving positive change in healthcare.

Sarah Collis, Chair of HWNN said:

“We are incredibly grateful to have reached this significant milestone of a decade in service to our communities across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

“HWNN’s success is a testament to the power of collective voices advocating for improved healthcare.

“As we look ahead, we remain resolute in our commitment to amplifying local voices and making a lasting impact on healthcare policies and decisions.

“As HWNN steps into the next decade, we are committed to expanding our reach in hearing those whose voices are not heard, by strengthening our community partnerships, and by continuing to serve as a powerful advocate for inclusivity and equality in healthcare across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire”

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