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High-security safe deposit box facility opens in Nottingham

The facility will be manned on-site by highly trained professionals ensuring 24/7 security protection.


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With many major banks no longer offering safe deposit services to their customers, how can you securely store those priceless, irreplaceable valuables and high-ticket items?

Private individuals and businesses from across the Midlands are now able to use Nottingham Vaults to securely store their items, as Nottingham’s first safe deposit box facility opens in the Lace Market.

Nottingham Vaults has invested over £1 million in its safe deposit lockers and the highest security technology at the new facility on Stoney Street. The initial opening will see 2,000 boxes available, with the facility having the capacity to hold up to 5,000.

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With prices starting at less than £3 per week, customers have the choice of ten different box sizes for storing anything from cash, jewellery and important documents such as house deeds to collectors’ items and valuable artwork.

Co-founder Seamus Fahy said: “Most major banks no longer offer safe deposit services to their customers so there has been a huge appetite for the new facility in Nottingham and from customers across the wider Midlands region.

“One of our aims when we first set up the business was to make it accessible to everyone. So, we offer a variety of boxes at affordable prices. From less than the price of a takeaway coffee per week, our customers have peace of mind that their valuables are safe and secure.

“We’ve done everything we possibly can to ensure that our vaults are the most secure in Europe, ensuring they have been diamond core drill tested and are explosion proof to meet the highest industry standards.

“We’ve already had a lot of questions about what kinds of things are kept in safe deposit boxes. The answer is that the boxes can be used to keep anything of monetary or sentimental value.

“Our smaller boxes are suitable for storing cash, small valuables or jewellery. The mid-range boxes are designed for housing papers, deeds and other important documents as well as bulkier valuables, while the larger boxes are ideal for collectable items and valuable artwork – all in a convenient city centre location.”

As a member of the Safe Deposit Federation (SDF), Nottingham Vaults meets the highest standards in both security and privacy. The facility will be manned on-site by highly trained professionals ensuring 24/7 security protection.

The Nottingham opening is the first with an automatic system, meaning that customers can access their box without the assistance of staff, but with their secure measures still in place. Access to the facility will be granted through a navigation of personal identification, biometric scanners, customer code and digital photo recognition – a level of security and technology which surpasses the standards set by banks.

The Nottingham Vault is run by parent company Merrion Vaults, Europe’s largest independently owned safe deposit box company. Established in 2013, the company was founded by entrepreneurs Seamus Fahy and David Walsh after they identified strong demand for the service. The Nottingham facility is the company’s fifth to open in the UK.

Nottingham Vaults is fully insured by Lloyds of London and will also offer a buying and selling service on site for gold bullion, ensuring that transactions are carried out in a secure environment.

Clients will be able to access their safe deposit box seven days a week, 362 days a year, with unlimited free access. Individual rooms are also available for clients to deal with their items in a private manner.

For more information please visit https://nottinghamvaults.co.uk/

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