Sunday 16 June 2024
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High-visibility police patrols deployed to three Nottingham city robbery hotspots

High-visibility patrols are being deployed across three robbery hotspots as part of a national week of action.

Robbery has fallen by more than 15 percent across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Both the city and county have a dedicated robbery team which work alongside the burglary teams to solve these crimes.

During National Robbery Week, which starts on Saturday, December 10, enhanced patrols will be seen in the three hotspot areas.

One of these locations is the Forest Recreation Ground, which in the past has been blighted by a number of knife-point robberies.

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The other two locations are around Clumber Street and Old Market Square.

Detective Chief Inspector Ruby Burrow said: “Like many other parts of the country, Nottingham does not have a robbery problem.

“In fact, this type of crime is falling but that does not mean we can afford to be complacent. We know the impact that robbery can have on victims.

“Violence can be used by perpetrators to gain what is not theirs. This can be anything from wallets, mobile phones, and cash.

“Quite often in Nottinghamshire, this crime is usually committed by young people, towards other young people.

“Recently, for example, we had an incident between two groups in the city centre where a group of youths targeted another group of youths who were assaulted, and a hat was stolen.

“Forest Recreation Ground can also be a difficult area because it is not very well-lit, and people use it as a cut through.

“While your chances of becoming a victim of robbery in Nottingham is small, during this week of action, we will be using targeted enhanced patrols in the areas where robberies are likely to occur. This will not only provide public reassurance but also prevent crime before it happens.

“Our work around robbery also extends way beyond this week of action, which includes plain clothed officers in these areas.”

Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Gummer, who manages the city centre, said: “The city centre not only has excellent CCTV coverage allowing us to identify and track offenders, we also have officers patrolling across the city, both high visibility patrols that people may notice and plain clothes patrols, that they may not notice, all happening on a daily basis.

“We are happy to support this national week of action, but our work neither starts nor stops here and the week of action is an opportunity to highlight the hard work that is taking place all the time.

“I would encourage the public to help us and protect themselves by remaining aware of their surroundings and who might be watching you, particularly when using a smart phone in the street or when using cash machines.

“Install and activate any tracking services that are available on your phone or tablets. Make sure you know how to log onto the tracking services and then tell the police when reporting a theft, to give us the best chance of tracking the device and locating offenders.”

Neighbourhood Inspector Ben Lawrence, who covers the City Central area, which includes Radford, Hyson Green and Arboretum, added: “Serious acquisitive crime such as robbery is a top priority for my team and we welcome this week of action. We will be working closely with CID and the council throughout this operation to target the areas where this type of crime happens.”

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