Thursday 20 June 2024
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HMRC Nottingham staff to join strike action on Budget Day

The Public and Commercial Services Union ( PCS ) is one of two trade unions representing HMRC Staff at Unity Square in Nottingham where 1600 members all of which are Civil Servants employed by HMRC are working.


Following the recent Ballot Action members will join 100,000 other Civil Servants across the country in taking strike action against their employers.

 Vice-chair Eric Prigg said:

‘We achieved the Biggest Strike Mandate in History with a record-breaking turnout in favour of strike action.

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‘This vote symbolises the levels of unhappiness within the Civil Service and fundamentally cements our decision to stand united and take action in joining our colleagues across the civil service in fighting for change.


‘Our members following the successful ballot will now take part in targeted strike action in addition to larger scale action to ensure the government takes the demands of the workers seriously.


-In April 2023 around 20,000 workers in HMRC and the VOA will be living on the National Minimum Wage.


-All our staff are have to overpay our pension contributions.


-The government is pressing ahead with plans to slash the civil service redundancy scheme at a time they are threatening job cuts across the service. This will make it cheaper and easier to sack civil servants further threatening our job security.


‘During the Pandemic our staff and members played critical roles in keeping the country afloat.

‘We were responsible for administering the CIRS and SEISS schemes amongst others ensuring that individuals and companies remained funded during one of the largest crises seen in recent years.

‘Our members kept the lines open both remotely and from offices often at risk to themselves working in crowded and confined spaces to ensure support reached the most vulnerable.


‘At the time we were applauded and praised as “key workers” but now the immediate danger has passed once more we return to being a statistic to the government who offer themselves bonuses yet leave their staff underpaid, underfunded and an absolute afterthought when it comes to wellbeing.


‘This is why on Budget Day 15 March we shall stand alongside 130,000+ other civil servants and alongside our sister union Prospect , and numerous other unions across the country representing en masse the upset, hurt and disappointment of the staff who serve to support the running of the country feel at the wilful and orchestrated betrayal of staff and members.’

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