Monday 2 October 2023
15.5 C

Hour by hour Nottinghamshire weather forecast for Saturday 16 September

Nottinghamshire can expect a relatively calm and warm day today, as the Met Office predicts temperatures to hover around the early twenties.

Today: Saturday

Areas of mist, fog and low cloud will gradually clear most places this morning but may persist over high ground to the west. Bright or sunny spells elsewhere, and feeling warm. Maximum temperature 22 °C.

Hourly Temperature Breakdown:

08:00 – 15°C
09:00 – 16°C
10:00 – 16°C
11:00 – 17°C
12:00 – 18°C
13:00 – 20°C
14:00 – 21°C
15:00 – 21°C
16:00 – 21°C
17:00 – 21°C
18:00 – 20°C
19:00 – 19°C
20:00 – 18°C
21:00 – 17°C
22:00 – 16°C
23:00 – 16°C

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Fairly bright this evening, but clouds will gradually increase again overnight tonight, particularly over hills. Remaining dry, and feeling quite mild. Minimum temperature 15 °C.


Cloudy at first on Sunday, perhaps brightening up around the middle of the day. Heavy, potentially thundery, rain is likely to arrive from the south during the evening and overnight. Maximum temperature 21 °C.

The day is expected to start with areas of mist, fog, and low cloud, which will gradually clear in most places by late morning. However, some persistence over high ground to the west is anticipated.

The maximum temperature for the day is predicted to reach 22°C. As the evening approaches, the weather will remain fairly bright, but an increase in cloud cover is expected, especially over the hills. Despite the cloud cover, the night will remain dry and will feel quite mild with a minimum temperature of 15°C.

Looking ahead, Sunday is forecasted to start cloudy, potentially brightening up around midday. Potentially thundery rain arriving from the south during the evening and continuing overnight.

The Met Office also hinted at a change to an increasingly humid and potentially thundery picture during the weekend, especially on Sunday.

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