Thursday 29 February 2024
9.1 C

Hour by hour Nottinghamshire weather Saturday 28 October

Today’s Nottinghamshire weather forecast and outlook including hourly temperatures and rain.

Morning Forecast

The morning hours will start relatively calm with overcast skies. Temperatures will gradually rise from 7°C in the early hours to around 10°C by midday. However, the real change is expected in the afternoon and evening.

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Afternoon and Evening Outlook

From 14:00 onwards, the chance of precipitation steadily increases, with heavy rain expected by early evening. The temperatures will peak at around 12°C in the early afternoon but will feel slightly cooler due to wind and rain.

Hourly Breakdown:

  • 09:00 – 7°C, Overcast
  • 10:00 – 8°C, Overcast
  • 11:00 – 9°C, Overcast
  • 12:00 – 10°C, Overcast
  • 13:00 – 10°C, Overcast
  • 14:00 – 11°C, Overcast
  • 15:00 – 12°C, Overcast turning to rain
  • 16:00 – 12°C, Rain
  • 17:00 – 12°C, Heavy rain
  • 18:00 – 10°C, Heavy rain
  • 19:00 – 9°C, Heavy rain
  • 20:00 – 9°C, Rain
  • 21:00 – 9°C, Rain
  • 22:00 – 10°C, Rain
  • 23:00 – 10°C, Heavy rain

Wind speeds will vary throughout the day, with gusts reaching up to 21 mph in the evening, making conditions feel colder than actual temperatures. The south-east and west-south-east winds will dominate the day.

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Early mist patches soon clearing. Otherwise a largely fine day with variable cloud and sunny spells. Most parts dry, however the odd shower cannot be ruled out. Breezy. Maximum temperature 14 °C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Rather cloudy Monday and Tuesday, with drier spells, but also outbreaks of rain or drizzle. Turning windy, with persistent rain overnight into Wednesday. Further rain or showers likely following.

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