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Hourly weather forecast for Nottinghamshire Sunday 11 June

Another hot day for the region, but with possible thunderstorms and rain this afternoon.


Weather – Sunday, 11th June

The Met Office expects Nottinghamshire to have a sunny day, with temperatures steadily climbing from 7 am.

At 7 am, temperatures will start at a pleasant 19°C, with a light wind speed of 4 mph blowing from the East North Easterly direction.

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As the morning progresses, temperatures will continue to rise, reaching 23°C by noon with a wind speed of 6 mph from the East North Easterly direction.

The afternoon will bring more warmth, with temperatures peaking at 27°C around 3 pm and a slight chance of precipitation at 10%.

The wind speed will remain constant at 6 mph, coming from the East.

However, the weather will take a turn around 4 pm, with light rain expected and temperatures holding at 27°C. The wind will slightly shift to the East South Easterly direction, maintaining a speed of 6 mph.

By 5 pm, thundery showers are predicted, and temperatures will dip slightly to 26°C. The wind speed will hold at 6 mph, moving from the East South Easterly direction. The chance of precipitation will rise to 45% at this time. These showers will continue until 6 pm, after which the skies will clear up.

The evening will see a return of sunny skies, with temperatures gradually decreasing to 21°C by 10 pm. Wind speeds will decrease to 4 mph, moving from the East North Easterly direction

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