House hunters view eight properties before offering on a dream home

  • 42% of home buyers will view an average of 4-8 houses before making a decision

  • Compared to 31% who only view up to 3

  • 10% are less decisive and will view 16+

New research from new home builder, Strata, which has two developments in Nottingham and Sherwood, reveals house hunters in the UK are taking more time to explore their options than previous years and are spending more time researching and viewing properties before making a decision on their ideal home.

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On average, we need to visit between four and eight homes before we choose the right one for us.

More than one third (31%) of potential buyers will view up to three, insisting they would have been happy to make an offer on one of the first houses they saw.

Whilst 10% are less decisive and will view more than 16 homes before making a decision.

The survey explores people’s attitudes to home buying and reveals the differences between existing homeowners’ and first time buyers’ wish lists.

Homeowners, looking at a new home, will look at more houses (24% view 9-15 properties) than first time buyers.

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The feel of the area was deemed of utmost importance by 86% of current homeowners, slightly more than to first time buyers and status of the area is more important to homeowners (78%) than to FTB’s (61%).

When it comes to decoration and interior design, 27% of existing homeowners are interested. Whilst first time buyers are almost 50% less likely to consider this an important factor.

In fact, existing homeowners are twice as likely to be interested in the overall house design than in the cost of living and amenities in the local area.

Gemma Smith, Sales Director at Strata said, “Often customers come to us with a strong vision but aren’t quite ready to fully commit to certain house design.

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“Having the option to reserve a new home a year or more in advance allows time to save for a deposit, consider mortgage options and get finances in order.

“We can guide them in the legal process and help them to understand what they want and need from a new home before making that final decision on style and design.”

The research also reveals homeowners – existing and first time buyers – agree that video content and real life stories of people moving home are key considerations when buying a home.

In terms of what information homebuyers are lacking the survey reveals 43% want more detail on part exchange and 27% want more insight into the legal and buying process – not far off the volume of first time buyers.

Strata has two new home developments in Nottingham and Sherwood.