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How to appeal if you didn’t get your preferred school place


A previous report states that over 93% of residents got one of their preferred places at Notts schools. If you didn’t here is how to appeal a decision. 

Appeal online here

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Call 0300 500 80 80 to request an appeal form

Academies, voluntary aided, foundation and free schools

For voluntary aided schools, foundation schools, free schools and academies, the responsibility for appeal arrangements rests with the school. They are their own admission authority. If you want to appeal an admission decision you will need to contact the school directly for details.

Acceptance of a place at a school does not affect your right to appeal for a place at another school. However, if you decide to appeal for any of your preferences, it is wise to secure a place for your child at an alternative school in case your appeal is unsuccessful.

Appeal for more than one school

You may appeal for more than one school, although this will mean you will have to attend one or more appeal hearings on different days. Please submit a separate appeal form for each school you are appealing for.


If you are unhappy with the decision here is how to appeal:

When you receive your child’s offer there will be an appeals contact address to write to or email
This letter must say:

Why you disagree with the decision;
Why your child deserves a place at the school you want;
Why authorities have not, in your opinion, followed the correct processes;
Any change of circumstance since your original application
Any appeals must be submitted on time (deadlines differ – yours will be on the form) and the date should be available on your offer form.

The local authority will then review each case.

You cannot appeal again in the same academic year if your case is turned down, unless there are exceptional changes in personal circumstances.

Those who want to take the situation further can contact the Local Government Ombudsman but remember appeals against more than one school must be done separately.

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