Monday 25 September 2023
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Huthwaite car stop reveals large bag of cannabis and green pills

A large bag of cannabis and green pills believed to be MDMA were found following a routine vehicle stop in Huthwaite.

Officers pulled over the driver of an Audi at 12.55 pm on Tuesday 5 September in Chesterfield Road.

A full search of the vehicle was conducted where two bags of cannabis and a large amount of green pills were found.

A 28-year-old man was arrested with possession with intent to supply Class A and Class B drugs.

Neighbourhood Inspector Jon Hewitt said:

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“Suspects will often try and convince officers that drugs found in their car are for personal use.

“But when we pull the car apart, we often find drugs stashed, sometimes in the most unusual places.

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“In this car, we found some of the drugs stuffed in a pillowcase.

“Anyone who thinks they can drive around the streets of Nottinghamshire with large amounts of drugs will finally found themselves in our custody.

“Not only will we arrest you for possession with intent to supply but carry out a drugs test to see if you are driving under the influence.

“This way we not only disrupt your drug operation but ensure we take you off our roads.”

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