“I will make sure we see Brexit through”, says Nottingham South UKIP Candidate

UKIP are the only party who are putting democracy back into local government, and will continue to be honest about jobs, education, immigration and housing, says Nottingham South’s UKIP candidate David Hollas.

A recently retired Army Officer having served for 34 years, David was awarded an MBE in the Queens Birthday Honours list 1999 for his time in Company Command at the Army Training Regiment Pirbright.

Proud to be British with his paternal roots in Scotland and maternal in Nottingham, David stands for a strong and independent United Kingdom, whilst saying no to a political union with Europe but yes to the UK taking its rightful place as an international trading nation. He also would like to see a return to an ethical Houses of Parliament where the honourable title is earned by example.

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Speaking The Wire, Mr Hollas said:

“So what will I bring at this election? A backbone for the Theresa May Government to see Brexit through, and provide a loud voice for Education and Jobs” said Mr Hollis.

“I do not shy away at my despair of the level of education our kids get..where is their hope and aspiration for the future without the bedrock of a good education, and not just academics, but character development.

We need to bring real jobs to this city, not service jobs, not zero hour contract jobs, but jobs requiring skills and with progression. We need to join the education pathway to the workplace. That’s what I will be shouting about. And Brexit. And our Veterans.

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“I want to enable people to take the opportunity to take control of their lives, not leave it to the state to give them an existence.”