Inspiring sportswomen captured in Nottingham photo exhibition

A photography exhibition featuring images of powerful, inspiring women from the world of sport will mark the end of a week of activities as part of the This Girl Can campaign at Nottingham Trent University.

The exhibition, titled Sport is Beautiful, will display photographs of women empowered by sport in a bid to inspire more women to put on their running shoes, head to the gym or join a fitness class.

Curated by former Great Britain canoeist, Danielle Sellwood from the Women’s Sport Trust, the exhibition launches on Tuesday 15 November at the university before going on tour in 2017.

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The exhibition highlights the strength, skill, courage and commitment of female athletes and aims to challenge the lack of visibility in women’s sports.

beth-tweddleDanielle Sellwood said: “Photographs of sportswomen in the media are often sexualised. Our exhibition shows a diverse mix of women involved in a variety of sports, they are authentic and inspiring and we hope they will help break down gender limiting stereotypes.

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“Sport is Beautiful is an initiative with the aim of changing mind-sets. Whilst inspiring women to get involved in sport, we want to drive change in attitudes towards sportswomen and showcase what women and girls can do.”

As part of a week-long programme of sport at the university, students and staff enjoyed a variety of events including fitness classes, tournaments and play for fun sessions.

Trent Girls Can Week, which was celebrated from 7 – 13 November, is part of a collaboration between NTU Sport and NTSU, the university’s students’ union, with the aim of creating inclusive and accessible sporting experience for students.

Sarah Hadlow, Participation Sport Manager at Nottingham Trent University, worked with Matt Nicholson of NTSU and Lucy Adams from the university’s Schools, Colleges and Community Outreach team.

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Sarah said: “The Sport is Beautiful exhibition is a great way to continue our celebration of women in sports, with striking images to inspire our girls to continue playing and keep active.

“We’re proud to be the first university to showcase these empowering photographs which we hope will show that women of all ages, abilities and body shapes can get involved with sport.”

The exhibition will be held in the Newton building on the university’s City site and is free and open to the public until 18 November.