Investigations into loud banging noise around West Bridgford

Many residents in West Bridgford have contacted us over the past week to ask what the loud thudding noise is that occurs every weekday between approximately 9am and 4pm. 

One resident called to say that as an older lady she found the constant noise, a loud rhythmic thudding noise, distressing – adding that she felt sorry for anyone that works nightshift and needs to sleep during the daytime. Or may have small children that need daytime sleeps.

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Others contacted us saying, ‘For weeks now there has been a constant banging or digger noise in the Loughborough Rd area of West Bridgford, any idea what’s going?’

What is the noise?

The noise is from a piling operation on Wilford Fields, the new 171 home development adjacent to ROKO. The land also backs onto the Rushcliffe Arena site and so can be heard from a fair distance away – we have heard it as far away as Central Avenue.

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We’ve spoken to Rushcliffe Borough Council who said:

“Investigations are ongoing into noise and vibration complaints in respect of piling operations taking place on the new housing site at Wilford Lane. We are working with the developer and formal action will be considered if deemed appropriate.”

We have also spoken to the developers, Linden Homes, who said that they will respond as soon as they have investigated.