Jane Hunt re-selected as Conservative candidate for Nottingham South

Jane Hunt, 50, has tonight been re-selected as the Conservative candidate for Nottingham South at the 2017 General Election in June.


She previously contested the constituency for the Conservatives at the last General Election, two years ago, and was selected again by local party members.

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The majority of Jane’s career was spent in sales management for a multinational telecommunications company.


She now works for an East Midlands MP, as a caseworker, helping thousands of residents each year with complicated and serious problems.

Jane has also been a school governor and councillor.

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She has been married to Tim for 24 years, and the couple have two grown up children.

Commenting on her selection, Jane said: “I am over the moon to be given the opportunity once again to become the Member of Parliament for Nottingham South.

“I already have a track record as a local campaigner including for patients wanting reduced QMC car parking costs and Clifton and Wilford residents who suffered from the tram works.


“If elected on June 8th I will continue to be a strong voice for Nottingham in Westminster and will work closely with the Prime Minister to secure the best possible Brexit deal for our city.


“Voters should know this election offers a clear choice between the secure and stable leadership of Theresa May and a chaotic coalition headed by Jeremy Corbyn and others including the SNP.”


  1. I’m a pensioner who is having to work to make my life more financially secure. I’m very concerned about having to be means tested as a pensioner with regard to the winter fuel allowance, particularly as no info as been put out about levels for the means testing so as a working pensioner am I to be penalized for working. I was ready to give my vote to the conservatives having voted UKIP last to get the right response from the government. I feel really let down with your manifesto as I feel it is attacking those who would have supported the conservatives but now, who knows. There’s so much that is wrong with the manifesto it’s as if we pensioners are of no longer a concern to the government. Labour have offered so much that you know they wont be able to deliver so this was an ideal opportunity to offer something that would make people stand up and listen but the conservative party have really shot them selves in the foot but there is still time for them to amend their manifesto to make it more appealing to the people. I hope Mrs May is listening and not just thinking she as won because it’s not over yet.

  2. Jane, I hope you will help to hold Theresa May to her original promise that “Brexit means Brexit”, that is a real not a fake Brexit. If Theresa May backslides on this, I hope you will put country before party by helping to hold her to her original promise.

  3. Jane – You are officially supporting: Inequality, bringing down the NHS, increasing national debt, 0 hour work contracts, poor funding for schools, expenses scandal, poverty, widening the gap of the very very rich against anyone else (Even upper to middle class), a terrible Brexit deal. There are more bad policies you support, but I don’t have all day. I’d really like to know how you support the above and how you manage to keep a straight face repeating the slogan ‘Secure and stable leadership’. It should be ‘We like to take advantage of people for our own personal gain. We think it is easy because we think we are good liars and have the backing of the biased National Press.’

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