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Jeremy Corbyn visits Nottingham: ‘ Labour will learn from Robin Hood, a friend of the poor.’

Speaking to the crowd next to the statue, he said: “Robin Hood had the right idea. He had the right idea. And from Nottingham we learn the lesson.


The Labour leader has said his party will learn from Robin Hood, who was a ‘friend of the poor’.

Jeremy Corbyn paid a visit to the Robin Hood Statue next to Nottingham Castle today, Wednesday, December 4.

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Hundreds of party activists and by-standers watched on from Castle Road, with people leaning out of windows to hear him speak, although a broken PA system made this more difficult.

He was joined on the visit by local Labour candidates Nadia Whittome (Nottingham East) Alex Norris (Nottingham North), Cheryl Pidgeon (Rushcliffe) and latterly Lillian Greenwood (Nottingham South).

Speaking to the crowd next to the statue, he said: “Robin Hood had the right idea. He had the right idea. And from Nottingham we learn the lesson.

“He was a friend of the poor, and he wanted a better society. Labour is on the side of the many, and not the few.”

After the speech, Mr Corbyn was asked whether his party’s plans to dramatically increase the amount of state spending were realistic.

He said: “Everything we’re proposing would only take us up to the public service levels of France and Germany when it’s all been achieved.

“This will come from taxation from the biggest companies and the top five per cent of the population, but they won’t see a huge rise, they’ll see enough to properly fund our health and education services.

“It seems to me we just cannot go on with this level of inequality in the country. I want to invest in the future, all across the East Midlands, which has the lowest level of Government expenditure, and the lowest levels of Government investment for the whole of the UK.”

During the speech, he said: “There are four million children in Britain living in poverty, 127,000 children with nowhere safe to live for sure this Christmas, food banks running out of food and making desperate appeals to get more in.

“Many people trying to struggle on Universal Credit who can’t pay their bills, a million people on zero-hour contracts who don’t know what their wage is going to be from one week to the other.

“They say there’s not a choice in politics? There is a very clear choice.”

Candidates standing in Nottingham South (Where the rally was held)

Lilian Rachel Greenwood, Labour Party

Barry Ian Holliday, Liberal Democrats – to Stop Brexit

John Michael Lawson, Brexit Party

Marc Harry Mykola Nykolyszyn, Conservative Party

Cath Sutherland, the Green Party

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