Jurassic Kingdom Nottingham cancelled by organisers

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The widely anticipated Jurassic Kingdom animatronic dinosaur event due to be held in The Arboretum in Nottingham in November 2017 has been cancelled. 

A spokesperson for the organisers said,

“We are sorry to let people down, we really wanted to honour the Nottingham plans, but unfortunately circumstances sometimes mean that events planned don’t go ahead.”

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A Nottingham City Council spokesman said: “We’d had positive discussions with the organisers but they have told us that unfortunately they are no longer able to put the event on in Nottingham due to scheduling issues.”


Fans of the Jurassic era can still see plenty of Dinosaur entertainment by getting tickets to this year’s exciting Dinosaurs of China Exhibition at Wollaton Hall.

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The world’s largest feathered dinosaur comes to Wollaton Hall

The collection will be on loan from the Paleozoological Museum of China, Shandong TianYu Museum, and the Dinosaur Museum of Erlianhaote in Inner Mongolia. In addition to the feathered dinosaurs, there will also be specimens of some the largest prehistoric creatures ever found in China.

Featuring fossils and specimens never before seen outside of Asia, the exhibition, which will be hosted at Wollaton Hall, with an additional satellite exhibition at Nottingham Lakeside Arts, will bring to life the story of how dinosaurs evolved into the birds that live alongside us today.

The exhibition includes the best preserved dinosaur fossils from anywhere in the world, not just the bones, but also soft parts including skin and feathers. Many of the species are new to science, only discovered and named in the last 20 years, and some as recently as 2015.

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Further information can also be found at www.dinosaursofchina.co.uk/events/


Tickets for the Wollaton Hall exhibition are now on sale. Prices are £7.70 for an adult and £5.50 for a child.

There is a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) for £22.00. Children under five go free and the event welcomes school parties at a reduced price.

Carers go free. There is a complementary exhibition at Nottingham Lakeside Arts which is free of charge.