Saturday 18 September 2021
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‘Keep shale gas applications a local matter’ says Council Labour Group

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Councillors will meet this week to discuss a proposal put forward by the Labour Group at Nottinghamshire County Council designed to retain some control over planning decisions that happen in Nottinghamshire.

The Labour Group at Nottinghamshire County Council said:

‘The motion, which will be presented at Full Council, relates to shale gas applications, otherwise known as ‘fracking’, which has previously caused a lot of controversy across the County. County Council’s Planning Officers response to a National Consultation on the issue emphasised the need for the views of local people to be taken into consideration when considering such applications.

‘However it seems that the government was not happy with the conclusions of this consultation, and have since called for a further consultation, which would allow certain types of shale gas applications to bypass local planning bodies. Labour councillor Jim Creamer, Vice Chair of the planning committee at Nottinghamshire County Council, proposing the motion, said:

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“Here in Nottinghamshire, we have many former coal mining areas which may be vulnerable to further drilling. This is about retaining local specialism and knowledge, which are vital in planning decisions as big as these.  Removing the decision making process for shale gas applications from local planning officers also takes away local democracy, as people living around the proposed sites will not have the opportunity to voice their concerns in the same way that they do now”.

“We would like Nottinghamshire County Council to stand firm on this issue, because as a Mineral’s Planning Authority we should be allowed to get on with determining shale gas applications within our own County boundaries”.’