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Kenneth Clarke thrown out of the Conservative Party after voting against the Government


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Rushcliffe MP Ken Clarke has been ousted out of the Conservative Party after voting against the Government last night.

The removal of an MP from the party is known as ‘removing The Whip’ – a document MPs receive outlining upcoming business.

The 79-year-old MP was among 21 other Tory rebels who voted to take control of the Commons agenda to attempt to block a no-deal Brexit.

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The former chancellor, who has represented Rushcliffe for 49 years, said he ‘no longer recognises his party, and was critical of Boris Johnson’s Government.’

He said that the Tory party had “been taken over by a rather knock-about character who’s got this bizarre crash-it-through philosophy”.

Adding: ‘I don’t recognise this. It’s the Brexit Party, rebadged.’

He said the cabinet was the “most right-wing” of any Conservative Party and that “they’re not in control of events.”

After his sacking, Mr Clarke said he was still a conservative but he had reservations about the party under Boris Johnson’s leadership.

Mr Clarke voted with 21 Tory rebels last night to allow backbenchers to take over the Parliamentary agenda, in an attempt to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Clarke has already said he did not intend to contest any future elections.

Mr Clarke added he was sceptical about whether Mr Johnson was looking for a deal with the European Union ahead of the proposed Brexit date of October 31.

Mr Clarke speaking on BBC’s Newsnight said:

“He’s obviously not trying to get a deal. I’m sure he’d prefer one if he thought he could get one past his right-wing supporters.

“But he’s dug himself in, he assumes he’s going to get no deal. Because he can’t get the right wing of the Conservative Party, many of them now stuck in his Cabinet, to agree to it.”

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