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Keyless car thefts continue in Rushcliffe – police appeal for vigilance and offer advice


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Police in Rushcliffe warn against keyless car theft and unsecured vehicles.


Police said:

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‘We continue to take reports of vehicles being broken into or stolen with no apparent damage to the vehicle.

‘This would suggest that people are leaving their vehicles unlocked, or the criminals are using scanners to pick up and boost a signal from the car key, enabling them to enter the vehicle and in some case drive off with it.

‘Sophisticated scanning devices may be being utilised to obtain car key frequencies from vehicle keys stored within addresses.

‘A lesser-known fact is that some higher-end vehicle keys can emit a signal up to 50 metres away so criminals may be able to pick up this frequency without being visible to the attacked address, before approaching and stealing the car quickly.

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‘These scanning devices are not an illegal product and are readily available for purchase.

‘The advice is to store vehicle keys inside a metallic container of some description which can block the signal emitted thus minimising the chance of your vehicle being stolen. Something as simple as a metal tin or even wrapping in tin foil could make the difference. Simply taking keys upstairs with you or storing at the rear of the house may not be enough.


‘We have been successful in arresting offenders for these types of offences, but they are still occurring on a regular basis in Rushcliffe and elsewhere.

‘Please look at the link about how to keep your vehicles secure, share this with your friend, family and neighbours. When you access that link there is a Pdf poster you can access at the bottom of the advice sheet with further reading.

‘Please remove valuables from your vehicle and also look at some other physical device to secure your vehicle if you have a keyless entry system to prevent it being stolen.

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