Sunday 19 May 2024
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Keyworth teenager praised for saving hedgehog trapped in an open drain

Keyworth teenager, Harley, has been praised for acting quickly to alert a youth worker to a hedgehog that was stuck in an open drain.

The relay alert came through to Wild Things Keyworth and volunteer Gill Pegg was first on the scene to rescue the young hog to a small animal carrier in the grounds of Keyworth Youth Club.

No one knows how long the hedgehog was down there, possibly since early that morning.

unnamed 2 scaled
Open drain. Ironically the litter inside (now removed) may have stopped it going too far in

The Youth Club have now covered the drain. Its previous cover had broken and not replaced they said.

Jennifer Manning-Ohren, founder of Wild Things Keyworth said: “This is a real-life example of the importance of covering drains.”

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She continued: “Hedgehogs skirt round edges of buildings and they cannot see the drains before falling in and getting trapped.”

unnamed 1 scaled
Gill Pegg, Wild Things Keyworth

“Unless found, they will of course die and sadly it happens, needlessly, but for a simple cover.”

“This was a great community effort to get the hedgehog to rescue and thanks to Gill, the hedgehog is now recovering with Hedgepigs Rescue in Beeston.”

Jennifer thanked Harley who first found him and said: “We need more people like you, looking out for our wildlife.”

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She continued:

“All hedgehogs that go into Rescue get a name and we’ve named this one ‘Teeny.’ “

“Not only was it a juvenile, but also it’s a dedication to the positive act of teenager Harley and other teenagers at the club at the time, concerned for the welfare of the hedgehog.”

“Harley quite rightly saw this as the natural thing to do, maturely raising the alarm and did what he could to help.”

unnamed 3
Awaiting transfer to Hedgepigs Rescue

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