Monday 4 December 2023
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Knife Arch set up by police at Nottingham Station

Knife carriers were targeted outside Nottingham Railway Station as part of Operation Sceptre week.

The national week of action saw uniformed and plain clothed cops positioned around the train station on Thursday, November 17.

A metal detecting arch was also set up at the Station Street exit to catch anyone bringing a knife into the city.

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Police caught one man, in his 30s, who tried to avoid passing through the arch. He was caught by uniformed officers and searched where a blade was discovered in his bag.

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He was arrested and taken into custody.

Police also stopped another man, in his 30s, who tried to avoid the arch where a quantity of cannabis and over £10,000 in cash was found. Police inquiries are ongoing.

Sergeant Rich Tiernan said: “The operation was about stopping people coming in and out of our city with knives.

“We know that knife carriers use public transport, and this was a perfect opportunity to show the public the type of work we do every day not just as part of Op Sceptre week.

“But it was also an engagement exercise, showing our visibility on the streets and being able to talk to people about their fears and concerns around knife crime.

“Nottingham is a safe city, and you are more likely to become a victim of knife crime if you carry a blade.

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“Only 15 minutes into the operation we caught a man in possession of a blade and then another man with a lot of cash on him. It just goes to show that putting officers at a key location like the train station brings some excellent results.”

Violent crime in the city has reduced by three percent year to date compared to the same period in 2021.

This results from extensive work by officers and their increased searches and weapon seizures have resulted in a 29 percent increase in possession of weapons offences being recorded.

Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Gummer said: “People carrying knives is a problem across the country, but we are very good at catching people.

“We detect a high percentage of knife crime in the city in part, because we have lots of CCTV.

“We can track people all across town and the serious nature of these offences mean both detectives and uniform officers will undertake hours and hours of enquiries to locate footage that will identify offenders, sometimes a considerable distance from the scene of the original incident.”

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