Thursday 1 June 2023
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Labour councillor seeking legal advice after being expelled from the party

A Labour councillor says he is seeking legal advice after being expelled from the party on what he says were “totally unfair” grounds.

Councillor Hassan Ahmed (Lab) represents the Radford ward on Nottingham City Council.

A Labour Party spokeswoman said Mr Ahmed is no longer a member of the Labour Party and will not be standing for Labour as a candidate in the upcoming local council election on May 4.

While the party says it will not be issuing a statement or responding to any potential legal action, it is understood due to timescales the usual selection process was not able to take place.

The Local Government Committee made up of local activists from Nottingham city, has now selected Fozia Mubashar as the new candidate for the Radford ward.

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Cllr Ahmed said: “It is public knowledge now that I’ve been expelled and I think I would say on totally unfair grounds.

“I have been seeking legal advice and reluctantly we might have to put up a legal challenge.

“The way I have been treated is very unfair for my constituents in Radford who elected me, but also the local party elected members.

“I have already been selected to contest the next election democratically. The party is now trying to impose another candidate from elsewhere who has not been chosen by members.”

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