Tuesday 16 July 2024
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Land popular with dog walkers could be sold

A council is looking at disposing some land it owns which is a popular place for dog walkers.

Under a delegated decision on August 4, which means it took place outside of a council meeting, the Gedling Borough Council will be advertising a notice over the council’s intention to dispose of public open space land at Killisick Lane.

At this stage, no formal decisions have been taken in relation to disposal of the land. However, any such considerations cannot be undertaken until the notice required by law is advertised.

The land at Killisick Lane, owned by the council, comprises three smaller parcels of land adjoining other landowners’ property.

The council said: “The land is currently left uncultivated, and is quite overgrown in parts.

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“It is predominantly used by dog walkers, and then mainly only around the edges of the site. The two privately owned parcels of land that adjoin the council’s land are very similar in condition and use.

“The land is adjacent to other residential estates, some well-established, the other currently under construction.

“To the north of the site is Dorket Head Quarry which will over time revert back to open space once the quarry work is completed.

“To the west is another parcel of land which the council own – The Hobbucks Local Nature Reserve.”

The council says it is currently considering its options for disposal of the land in conjunction with the other landowners.

The notice will be advertised for two consecutive weeks before the council considers any objections to the proposed disposal.

The report does not indicate what would happen to the land if the council decides to sell it on.

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