Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Laptops donated to homeless children in Nottingham

Homeless children at hostels in Nottingham will now get access to laptops thanks to donations from Nottingham Trent University.


They’ve donated ten recycled laptops to Nottingham City Homes, with more to come. These will go to hostels run by NCH, such as Highwood House, Fairham House and other temporary accommodation for homeless children to use.


These facilities provide emergency accommodation for families who can be there for just a few days or for up to several months.


These laptops will be available for free as part of a laptop library. Children will be able to loan the laptops to do their homework and well as have fun, playing games, learn about internet safety and connect with their friends.


They can also be used by adults for job searches and training, Universal Credit claims and will allow families to complete their Homelink applications to help them find settled accommodation and resolve their homelessness.


NCH are also looking at setting up a homework club with a local charity organisation, as well as offering digital training session for children and families.


Steve Feast, Director of Housing at Nottingham City Homes said: “I would like to thank Nottingham Trent University for their kind donation. We know that the children and their families will be so appreciative of these laptops and they will go to good use.


“We are one of a few hostels in the region that have had Wi-Fi installed and these lap tops will be of great benefit to children and families in our temporary accommodation many of who are at risk of digital exclusion.”


Peter Nicholson, Head of Digital Services at Nottingham Trent University said: “We’re delighted to be able to provide much-needed equipment to Nottingham City Homes. As a sustainable university, we’re committed to looking at ways to redistribute unwanted technology. Rather than simply sending laptops to be broken down and recycled, we’re pleased to be able to giving this equipment a second lease of life to be used by families across Nottingham, and hope to be able to make many more donations in the future.”