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‘Large car meets’ causing issues for residents near Edwalton and Gamston

Police have taken to the roads in a bid to clamp down on large groups of car enthusiasts causing issues for residents.

Officers from the Rushcliffe neighbourhood policing team have this week been cracking down on the large gatherings after receiving complaints from local residents.

The road crime team took to the streets on Tuesday night (4 October) patrolling Rushcliffe but paying particular attention to the A52 between Gamston and Edwalton and the A453 Ratcliffe-on-Soar.

Multiple reports of residents’ concerns have been made recently of inconsiderate driving, an increase in noise, and vehicles causing issues for other road users and local people.

During the evening a number of cars were stopped with drivers being spoken to and issued advice.

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County Councillor Jonathan Wheeler told the Wire: ‘These meets are a nuisance to residents and quite frankly dangerous to road users.

“We thank the police for their swift reactions –  and I am writing to National Highways to ask them to take more measures on the A52 to deter this activity.

“Any residents who spot these car meets please call 101 or 999 if they are driving dangerously so the police can get out ASAP.’

Sergeant Sarah Merrall, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “After receiving reports from the community about their concerns we have listened and taken action.

“Officers have been out hitting the hotspots and areas reported to us the most.

“This week alone they have handed out advice and spoken with drivers to prevent further issues from occurring.

“I understand people’s passion for their vehicles and catching up with friends by coming together to talk about a shared interest, but we can never condone antisocial behaviour in areas as a result of these car meets.

“We will always support genuine car enthusiasts and understand the majority act appropriately and respect the laws of the road but unfortunately there are complaints from the public due to the minority who feel they can use the roads and car parks as race tracks.

“Hundreds of cars meeting in one place not only causes disruption for members of our community due to noise and the sheer volume of people but can also result in issues on the roads and placing the drivers at risk who are crossing and stood on the side of busy roads.

“Our road crime team will continue to carry out patrols and pay particular attention to the A52 and A453 in response to the public concerns but we would ask anyone with any concerns to get in touch with us – we do listen and take note of each report sent in, so I hope this enforcement shows that.”

Anyone who has information or concerns about car meets is asked to call 101, speak to patrolling officers in the area, or in an emergency call 999.

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