Leahurst Road Pre-school thank the Hilton Crescent Co-op

L-R: A.Bovey (Co-op), I.Donnell, M.Aslanfard, T.Franks

Leahurst Road Pre-school are a community playgroup, based at St Luke’s Church and have been serving children and supporting families in the area for the past 40 years.

On 11th December, the parents, committee members and staff were thrilled to receive a cheque for £2,102.30 from Alison Bovey from the local Hilton Crescent Co-op store.

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“As the pre-school is a charity, the Co-op funding has provided a vital source of additional income, which the pre-school can use for new equipment for the children.  Last year the Co-op’s Local Community Funding contributed to dividing screens to separate the play area from the quiet corner, outdoor building bricks to develop the children’s co-ordination and logic skills, plus some multi-cultural dolls. We are so grateful to the Co-op for this cheque!”

Statue stolen from Notts gravestone

Leahurst Road Pre-school offers a diverse learning environment for children, welcoming families from all different backgrounds.