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West Bridgford
Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Liberal Democrats campaigning hard in Rushcliffe

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This election will be voters’ opportunity to show that the Liberal Democrats are the party that can best represent them, says the Rushcliffe party office.

The party said:

‘Liberal Democrats are the only major party unequivocally in favour of protecting our economic future and national security by Remaining in the EU. A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to Remain.

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‘We will prevent the Council from taking on debt that could become a millstone around the borough’s neck. We want to ensure young people in Rushcliffe can buy a house with all the community amenities they and their families will need: schools, commercial hubs and play areas.

‘We can do this without damaging Rushcliffe’s great character or compromising our green spaces and without mortgaging our children’s futures for short term profiteering or a quick fix to complex problems. The Liberal Democrats have a great reputation around the country for responsible local government.

‘We believe voters in Rushcliffe have been taken for granted for too long; it’s time to make a new choice, for sensible, balanced politics, to DEMAND BETTER and vote Liberal Democrat.’