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Lidl Rejected: Committee rejects West Bridgford £50m Lidl development plans

Plans had been amended from the original proposals prior to last night's meeting


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The application for a Lidl on a site on Wilford Lane was rejected at a meeting last night.

The voting numbers were: 7 against, 3 in favour and one abstention.

Frank Gillespie, Development Director at developer Simons told West Bridgford Wire:

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“We’re extremely disappointed with the Planning Committee’s decision to turn down our proposals for the derelict land off Wilford Lane in West Bridgford.


“This £50m development would have delivered a number of significant benefits to West Bridgford, including the creation of around 100 new and full-time jobs for local people and a sizeable contribution to the borough’s housing needs.


“Perhaps most important of all, the development would have ensured that a key local site, left unused for almost a decade, once again played an important role in the future of West Bridgford.


“Following our consultation event in December last year, we worked hard to ensure that the submitted plans addressed all of the key issues and concerns raised by local residents.


“We will now review our next steps, one of which is to appeal the Planning Committee’s decision.”


Councillor Gordon Wheeler, Rushcliffe Ward Councillor for Compton Acres, told The Wire:

“I spoke against the officers recommendation to grant planning permission. I made the following points:


1. Safeguarding issues for the pupils of the Becket school who will be asked to use the same access corridor (Becket Way) as delivery vehicles and customers accessing the retail units.


2. Increased air pollution.


3. Outline planning permission being sought is a soft option. Were the Developers concerned that if full planning permission was sought the committee would likely have refused the application?


4. Planning application should be deferred until detailed plans are submitted for the residential units.


5. Siemens Development  have told the media that they plan to construct 204 residential apartments and 63 retirements apartments. How can they then submit outline planning permission and contend that the actual numbers have not been quantified?


6. The proposed felling of the iconic lime tree to accommodate a Pub we do even need, is scandalous. Although the tree has a TPO on it, this would count for nothing if planning permission were to be given.


7. Excluding this proposed housing development, there has been planning permission given for over 200 new homes on Wilford Lane. Yet it is disgrace no S106 money has been made available for a community facility. In Compton acres we do not even have a park.


8. The 6% increase in traffic suggested by the Developers is based on out of date data and does not reflect the additional 200 plus homes for which planning permission has already been given. Traffic is likely to increase by around 15% on Wilford Lane.


9. Woefully inadequate parking for the commercial development which will have an impact on the residential roads within Compton Acres.”



The proposal, which was heard by Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Planning Committee on Thursday 18 July 2019, comprises a residential area, including retirement accommodation, to the east and a ‘retail, pub and coffee shop’ area – anchored by a modern 1,950 sq m (21,000 sq ft) Lidl store – to the west.

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Artist’s impression of the residential area of the proposed development showing the retirement accommodation fronting Wilford Lane

Applicants say that the development has the potential to create approximately 80 – 100 jobs across the site – up to 40 full and part-time positions at the Lidl store, 15 at the family-friendly pub, 12 at the drive-thru coffee shop, and 20 at the retirement complex.

However, following feedback from the consultation process, a number of significant amendments were made to the proposals. The heights of some of the residential buildings have been reduced, the design and layout of the development ‘has been improved’, and measures to ease traffic flow on Wilford Lane are proposed.

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