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Local ladies’ netball teams need a place to train – can you help?


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For the past 8-9 years the Riverside Netball Club trained at Portland Leisure Centre.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 they closed and they had to stop training.

Whilst awaiting guidance from England Netball as to when it is safe to resume training and the modifications being enforced following their plan submitted to the government, the club kept in touch with the Centre manager and advised it would be likely we could return mid September / October.

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Unfortunately only late evening bookings are now available.


Most of the ladies who play have families and simply can’t do this late as it would mean being home at 10:30 or later.

The club can’t help but feel hard done by and says that ‘this wouldn’t have happened if it were another sport.’

The members of the club range from 22 to 52 and there’s not many sports with such a variety where you turn up and all you need is a pair of trainers.


Apart from the obvious health benefits some members suffer mental illnesses and feel the game is a form therapy and has personally got them through some very dark times.

In addition, another club Southbank Netball is also now without a practise facility.

If anyone can help with any ideas of local facilities for the ladies please contact riversidenetballclub@yahoo.com

There are more than 40 players desperate to return to netball with nowhere to go.


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