Tuesday 23 July 2024
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Lunchtime fuel update West Bridgford – fuel available but long delays and queues – see best option for access

An update on lunchtime Thursday 30 September looking at filling station forecourts.

ASDA Loughborough RoadFuel available – long queues moving out to the traffic lights at the turn in. A resident reports that he waited just 5 minutes because staff are moving the queue efficiently.

Sainsbury’s Melton RoadFuel available – long queues of traffic from both directions – traffic travelling south from the church traffic lights struggles to make it over the signals.

Shell Tollerton – Fuel available – long queues on A606 to turn left into filling station.

Morrisons – Fuel available – easier option – staff have created a fuel queue with barriers and a shopping queue which is easier to get through.

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IMG 6902 scaled
Morrisons Gamston 1 pm 30 September
Staff have creatively made two queues – one for fuel – one for the store



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