Monday 26 February 2024
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Magnet fisher finds hand grenade in the Trent near Wilford Toll Bridge

A magnet fisher found more than they bargained for when they pulled a hand grenade from the River Trent.

Nottinghamshire Police were called after the ‘Mills Bomb’, a grenade used by the British army during the First and Second World Wars, was found near Wilford Toll Bridge.

The discovery was reported to police at around 8.20pm last night (Saturday 3 July) and officers were deployed to safely dispose of the device.

Having ensured the area was safe, the grenade was detonated in a nearby field. There was no impact on local residents in the area.

The scene was stood down by around 10pm.

Chief Superintendent Ian Roberts, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “The member of the public who found the grenade did exactly the right thing by calling the police immediately.

“The device was clearly very old and was rusted but we responded quickly to ensure that it could be safely destroyed.

“I’d like to thank the attending police officers and our colleagues from the army for their quick action to dispose of the device with minimal disruption to the public.”