Sunday 25 February 2024
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Man attacked with a baseball bat at Nottingham address

A man defended himself with a gas hob grid as he was attacked with a baseball bat.

The victim picked up the stainless steel grid and used it to fight back after another man started hitting him with the bat inside a kitchen.

Police were called and officers arrived to find a smashed window and blood on the kitchen table.

Enquiries led to the swift arrest of a 36-year-old man on suspicion of affray.

The incident happened at a house in Birkin Avenue, Hyson Green, at around 9pm last night Wednesday 18 August.

Inspector Dave Mather, of Nottinghamshire Police’s Operational Support team, said: “Whenever a baseball bat is used in an incident there is always the potentially for dangerous consequences and it is lucky that no one was seriously injured.

“Officers did an excellent job to quickly arrive at the scene and arrest a suspect and we are not looking for anyone else as part of our enquiries. We believe the two people involved to be known to each other.

“Nottinghamshire Police is committed to tackling violent crime and we will always work hard to take appropriate action against anyone who commits a weapons offence.

“Violent crime offences fell by 25 per cent in the last financial year thanks to the ongoing work of Nottinghamshire Police and partners to prevent and enforce against such offences.”