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Man found in loft with sports bag full of cannabis

A man was caught hiding in a loft with a large sports bag containing cannabis and cash when he tried to evade arrest.

Officers attended an address in Worrall Avenue in Arnold on Thursday 10 August looking for a man wanted in connection with a GBH offence.

At around 8:40 am, they were let into the property and conducted a search.

Within the rear first-floor bedroom was a small loft hatch leading into the loft space. Officers made themselves known but no one responded.

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Once entering the loft, they found the suspect in a dressing gown lying on his side in front of the water tank attempting to hide.

A search of the loft – close to where the man was hiding – recovered a black jacket containing a quantity of cash and a black JD Sports drawstring bag containing a quantity of cannabis and more cash.

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Underneath a wooden floorboard, officers also found a mobile phone.

A 20-year-old man was arrested on possession with intent to supply Class B drugs (cannabis) as well as the GBH offence which took place on July 26.

Sergeant Mark Westlake, from Operation Reacher, said: “This was a brilliant joint effort by uniformed patrols and Radford Road’s Operation Reacher team.

“This suspect thought he could evade police by hiding in a loft but unfortunately for him it didn’t pay off.

“Not only have we arrested him for the GBH offence, but we had enough evidence to arrest him for drug dealing as well.

“More work will now be conducted to understand the scale of the operation he was involved in.”

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