Wednesday 21 February 2024
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More than 400 weapons and £800,000 of cash taken from Nottinghamshire criminals

More than 400 weapons and nearly £800,000 of cash has been taken out of the hands of criminals this year as part of planned raids to target those who peddle drugs in the community.

From January 1 to December 8, 2022, Operation Reacher teams working together with neighbourhood policing teams across the force have made 1,776 arrests, have carried out 678 drug seizures which include large-scale cannabis grows, and taken 405 weapons including machetes and samurai swords out of the hands of criminals.

They have also taken £772,000 of cash from criminals attempting to live a lavish life through crime.

In just one week in November, the teams managed to recover £2.5m of drugs by raiding two properties.

In one of the raids, the team found approximately 1,500 cannabis plants at business premises in Lortas Road, New Basford.

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Officers then discovered half a kilogram of cocaine, cannabis, a large quantity of suspected stolen property and a machete during a second warrant at a flat in Cranbrook Street, Hockley

Two young children were taken into police protection due to the conditions in the property, with officers arresting two adults also found inside the flat.

Teams from Oxclose Lane and Gedling also smashed through the front door of a property in Merchant Street in Bulwell in November.

Acting on intelligence about the use and supply of drugs to the community, the police teams stormed the property and immediately detained a suspect.

Along with recovering a makeshift spear and axe, they found three rooms full of cannabis plants.

In December, officers forced entry at an address in Dalestorth Road, Sutton in Ashfield, following concerns a suspected large-scale cannabis grow inside presented a significant fire risk.

Cannabis plants were found strewn across three rooms. As the search continued, two officers noticed in the corner of the loft a large number of plastic bags which appeared full of suspected drugs.

They started to move some of the bags where they found a man hiding. The man was arrested for the production of cannabis offences.

Also in December, the Mansfield team executed a warrant and seized more than 1,000 plants with an estimated value of £1m.

But it is not just drug gangs the police teams have been targeting.

They have also seized 575 vehicles, 49 motorbikes and 14 quad bikes which were a danger to other road users. They have also dealt with 981 traffic offences.

Chief Inspector Chris Pearson, who is responsible for city neighbourhood policing, said: “Law-abiding members of the community – who work hard to support themselves and their families – should not have to live next to those who attempt to make a living from crime.

“Neighbourhood policing including Operation Reacher will continue to wake up our criminal fraternity, not with an early morning knock but by an early morning warrant, taking your door off its hinges.

“Drugs blight communities. Drug dealers bring a host of problems to the areas in which they operate including violence, intimidation, harassment, and anti-social behaviour.

“The 405 weapons we have recovered means we have taken away 405 opportunities for criminals to use them, with the potential to end someone’s life.

“Drug dealers also exploit some of the most vulnerable members of our society including children to carry out their dirty work.

“Young people may be enticed by money or new clothes and trainers as a reward for their work, but this is just a smokescreen.

“Violence, threats of violence, being escorted to different parts of the country and ultimately having their childhood robbed is the harsh reality.

“Cannabis grows in residential properties are also major fire risks, with bypassed electricity, which endangers the life of anyone living on the same street.

“We are only as good as the intelligence we receive from the community, and I want to thank them for engaging with us throughout the year.

“We have generated more than 1,000 lines of intelligence this year and that is thanks to residents who feel the same as us and don’t want criminals such as drug dealers on their streets. Keep providing us with information and we will act.

“I think this year’s results speak for themselves. It has been a busy but very successful year for all our teams.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank them for all their hard work. But we won’t stop there. If you think you can act above the law in Nottinghamshire, think again, we may just be paying you a visit this Christmas.”

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