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Motorists caught parking on new Canal Street cycle lane – are cyclists using it?

Some motorists have been caught ‘abusing’ a new cycle lane in Nottingham city centre by frequently parking up on it and blocking the route.

The city council is planning extra council officer patrols and new signs to crack down on the problem.

The two-way segregated cycle lane was recently built into Canal Street by Nottingham City Council, using a Government grant.

The aim was to better connect London Road to the western cycle route on Castle Boulevard.

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However, cyclists have complained about the frequent misuse of the cycle lane on Canal Street by motorists, particularly outside Nottingham Crown Court.

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Samuel Shoesmith, a cyclist who lives in Nottingham said the route has been proving dangerous for cyclists because of the parking.

“The premise is great,” he said.

“It aims to encourage and enable people to cycle.

“It gets cars off the road and encourages individuals to cycle [and is] such a benefit for mental and physical health and for wider society.

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“Less damage to the roads and less pollution. Win, win.

“However some incompetent drivers, including a few taxi drivers and delivery drivers, are parking partially or fully on the cycle lane.

“This cannot occur. At first, some drivers knew about a gap in the legislation which meant they could legally get with it.

“This was completely filled when the council ensured signs were erected along the route matching the Traffic Regulation Order.

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“It is dangerous still as some drivers ignore this. People cycling may need to hop off the lane to avoid the cars and vans blocking the path or are hindered as the driver manoeuvres. There is also the risk of being car-doored.

“The council need to send more community protection officers and the police should carry out random checks.”


The issue has also been raised by Nottingham South MP Lilian Greenwood (Lab).

The Labour-run council is now conducting a review of the scheme, including the signage and enforcement of a Traffic Regulation Order.

This order states no vehicle can park or load on the footway or cycle path.

Delivery vehicles are also banned from loading between 7.30 am and 9.30 am, and between 4 pm and 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

A spokeswoman for Nottingham City Council said:

“We are very aware of, and working to solve the issues with a minority of motorists abusing the cycle lane on Canal Street and are working on formalising and signposting the bay on Middle Hill to make sure people are aware of the designated area for pick up and drop off for the bus station and courts.

“We are also reviewing the interior signage in the bus station to direct visitors to pick up and drop off bays in the car park.

“The route will continue to be monitored by council officers through patrols and enforcement action will be taken against drivers who are breaking the rules.

“We also welcome feedback from users, especially those that cycle the route via”

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