Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Motorists warned about safe parking after police seize vehicle ‘obstructing the highway’

Motorists are being warned that parked vehicles could be towed away if they are found to be obstructing the highway.

Beeston response officers came across a car obstructing the flow of traffic in Peveril Road, on Thursday (23 September).

It was found to have no insurance and no registered keeper and was towed away.

Police have received several reports from nearby residents concerned about the way vehicles are being parked in the area.

Response constable Jack Marriott said: “We are taking these reports seriously and will be in the area checking vehicles for insurance and removing any that are obstructing the flow of traffic.

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“This is a reminder to drivers that this is an offence and that they need to abide by the laws and park safely and responsibly.

“Those who don’t cause misery for local residents and could cause a serious accident, or prevent emergency services passing.”

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