Mr Marsh and his incredible journey with The Nottingham Emmanuel School!

Mr Marsh now holds a new role at The Nottingham Emmanuel School as Achievement and Pastoral Manager for the new Year 7s, but started at the school age 11 years!

In September 2004, a slightly anxious 11-year-old Oliver Marsh was embarking on a new chapter in his life by starting a new secondary school. But little did he know that a full 13 years later he would still have to get up on weekdays and put in a full day at The Nottingham Emmanuel School in West Bridgford.

That’s because Oliver Marsh, is one of the school’s success stories. After GCSE’s and then A Levels at the school, he was offered the opportunity to stay and become a Community Sports Leader, working closely with local primary schools and engaging students positively in sport.

That work led to Oliver taking on more pastoral work as Assistant Achievement and Pastoral Manager for Year 11. This new role seemed to be ideal for Oliver and last month he was delighted to be selected to become the new Achievement and Pastoral Manager for Year 7 at the school.

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Oliver says, “Over the past year, I have taken on a more pastoral role and this has revealed my true passion for excellent pastoral care. I’m excited about the work and looking forward to working closely with our new students and their parents.”

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Derek Hobbs, Principal at The Nottingham Emmanuel School says that Oliver’s perspective is a valuable asset when working with new students. “It’s really satisfying to have been part of Mr Marsh’s journey from student through to leading his own year group. He has made the most of the leadership opportunities offered to him over the past few years and and it’s great to see these culminate in him taking up the post of Achievement and Pastoral Manager for Year 7.”

Oliver says he is passionate about is work and the school, “The fact that I have stayed at Emmanuel for 13 years now shows just how supportive and caring the staff are and how they are keen to see everyone achieve their full potential.”

Oliver’s new responsibilities are to manage the academic progress of new students and their holistic, pastoral and spiritual growth for the following five years.

“Having been in their situation, -and in this school, all those years ago, I think gives me an empathy for each and every student within in the new year group. I am very much looking forward to getting to know the students and parents alike and building strong partnerships for the next 5 years of each students’ journey.”

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Oliver says his message for new starters in September would be to give school their best shot. “Give it everything, enjoy your time at Emmanuel and you will achieve your full potential. The staff at Emmanuel are fantastic, the support and guidance by the other Achievement & Pastoral Managers and Senior Leaders is second to none, both for the likes of me and the students! They are always available and happy to give advice, are kind hearted and welcoming people who will always do their very best to help staff, students and parents alike!”