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Thursday, 15 April 2021

New crossing installed at Jesse Gray School


The new crossing was celebrated with children from the school.

A spokesperson said:

‘Last year, the Jesse Gray School Council, with the help from Councillor Wheeler, worked really hard to secure the installation of a zebra crossing, outside the school gates.

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‘The School Council decided to do this because we had been seeking a new lollipop person for over a year.

‘It was clear that no replacement could be found. A petition was then set up in November 2019 with the support of Councillor Wheeler.

‘Due to the number of signatures on the petition, the NCC conducted a travel survey on Musters Road. The results demonstrated that a zebra crossing was desperately needed in order to ensure the safe crossing of the road, by the children attending Jesse Gray and the public, in general.

‘We were absolutely delighted that the crossing was installed in November 2020 and we feel know that this has ensured a safer and happier arrival for the children when they reach school.


‘A huge thank you to Councillor Wheeler and NCC for all of their hard work to ensure the zebra crossing was installed.’
Photos: Ali J Photography
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