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New custody suite planned for Nottinghamshire Police

There will also be a first floor office complex for staff and for those who come into custody. 


Nottinghamshire Police Chief Constable Guildford and Police Commissioner Paddy Tipping  inspect the site where the force’s new custody suite will be built.

Plans to build a modern custody suite are progressing well following the purchase of the land on Radford Road.

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The new building will provide a much improved environment for all users, improving overall efficiency, which will result in officers to return to public facing duties.

The custody facility will be located on one floor rather than multiple floors, as is currently the case.

There will also be a first floor office complex for staff and for those who come into custody.

The building will be constructed by using modern materials and the latest technology, meaning that running costs and environmental impact will be reduced.

A significant amount of research has been conducted regionally and nationally to inform the specification of the building and the views of staff and stakeholders have been sought to ensure that the building is fit for purpose and future proof.

The force has worked with representatives from Nottingham and Nottingham Trent Universities to ensure the latest research informs the design.

The new suite design is to be inclusive, accessible and will cater for the needs of vulnerable people. The building design will be compliant with the latest national and international guidance and regulations.

The existing Bridewell custody suite is in need of major refurbishment, although any such works would not bring the building up to modern standards. Such refurbishment would not be economically viable and would require the suite to be closed for 12 months or more and therefore the force would need an alternative interim custody facilities that would have major cost implications.

The proceeds from the sale of the building would generate capital funds for Nottinghamshire Police.

Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police Craig Guildford said: “The new suite is on track, the site has been bought and pre-planning has been done.

“I want to see construction starting as soon as possible after planning permission is granted so that we can deliver the new suite as early as possible and improve our service delivery to those living, working and visiting Nottinghamshire.”“The Bridewell does not meet our operational needs and would need major refurbishments. The building does not comply with the current Home Office standards and recommendations.

Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping said: “The new building’s infrastructure and services will be more efficient, modern and economical than the Bridewell, offering savings on running costs as well as maintenance and repairs.

“It will develop the site on Radford Road, which has remained empty for many years and it is a boost for the area.

“The Bridewell does not meet modern standards and it is important that people in custody are kept safely and the new suite will enable us to do that.

“The present Bridewell does not meet standards. The layout is over multiple floors and it is not easy to manage detainees there.”


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