Thursday 27 January 2022
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New mindfulness classes at Holme Pierrepont Hall

4 Week Courses for all levels – plus free Taster Sessions – Wednesday afternoon & evenings.

Psychological fitness for 2022 – new Mindfulness classes starting 12 January in the splendour of Holme Pierrepont Hall

Having opened up its formal gardens for visitors to enjoy moments of beauty, peace and calm it perhaps comes as no surprise that owners Robert and Charlotte have turned their attention to the expanding field of ‘mindfulness’ with free ‘taster’ sessions of 1 hour throughout January to March available to book online

Approached by university law lecturer and mindfulness teacher Paulo Karat, they were intrigued by his vision of using the Hall as a venue for mindfulness training – inside in the autumn and winter, outside in the spring and summer.

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Charlotte said:

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“We’ve hosted the occasional outdoor yoga retreat on the East lawn in the past, but nothing like this so we were intrigued”

“When I was looking for venues” says Paulo “I thought ‘wow, wouldn’t it be amazing if…?’ and I was delighted when Robert and Charlotte said they’d get behind it. It’s just a great place for what I’m doing, helping people switch off from their day-to-day stresses and challenges”.

Unlike Tai Chi or yoga, going to a mindfulness class is a new idea, so what does it look like?

Each class starts with a 15 to 20 minute mindfulness ‘practice’ (meditation or QiGong) before then focusing on an aspect of theory drawn from the psychology and neuroscience literature.

Paolo said: “I was keen to offer something short and accessible but also rigorous” he admits to “having been a sceptic” about mindfulness before a severe, stress/business-related breakdown in 2016 caused a reappraisal.

Prompted by his counsellor, Paulo came to mindfulness with some resistance: “Initially, I just couldn’t sit and meditate – it was impossible for me – and then I discovered that mindfulness can be practised in other ways such as Tai Chi, QiGong, walking and yoga.

“I’m energetic, busy and restless by nature and movement is important for me. So I’m trying to show people how they can find ‘their own’ type of mindfulness, both through formal practice and informally in everyday life”.

Paulo’s mindfulness practice has become an integral part of his wellbeing: “I know it works for me because I know how I feel when I do it and how I feel when I don’t.

“It impacts on how I respond to situations, challenges, stress triggers and how I am with the people around me. But as a lawyer, I can be quite sceptical, and I wanted to know why and how ‘mindfulness’ was working.”

This led Paulo to his MSc in Mindfulness, to learn how to teach it and to understand the psychological and neuroscientific evidence that underpins it: “Mindfulness has been part of the Eastern spiritual tradition for well over two thousand years, but in the West we have this need for ‘data’, ‘proof’, ‘evidence’.

“So my aim with my taster sessions and my 4 Week Courses is to provide this ‘proof’, but also to explore – through different, short mindfulness practices – what mindfulness might mean for each of us”.

For more info and to book go to – the 1 hour taster sessions start on Wednesday 12 January at 1.30pm with classes in the afternoon and evening.



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