New Nottingham Institute will provide excellence on nursing and midwifery care


A new centre of excellence for the development of nursing and midwifery care is being launched by Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH).


The Institute for Nursing and Midwifery Care Excellence is an innovation that brings together NUH’s training, education, professional development and research programmes.  The new Institute will build on the hospitals’ reputation for clinical academic developments, which directly benefit patients.

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Today (15 June), national nurse leaders will be helping to launch the new Institute at a one-day conference being held in Nottingham city centre.  Professor Mark Radford, and Lord Willis of Knaresborough, who both have important roles in developing nursing and midwifery nationally, will be speaking to an audience of local nurses, midwives and professionals who will benefit from the new Institute.


NUH Chief Nurse Mandie Sunderland says the Institute is a core part of continuing to provide excellent care now and to shape future practice: “The Institute is a key development on our journey to provide excellence in Nursing and Midwifery care.

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We are excited to bring together professional education, research and innovation across our services and to work with partners to develop an international reputation. This is good news for nursing and midwifery and great news for patients and their families across the East Midlands who will benefit from the very best care”.


NUH employs around 6,000 nurses and midwives and there are over 150 nursing and midwifery professionals involved in carrying out research and developing new ideas that will translate into new treatments and care.  NUH is already one of the most active hospitals in the country for health research carried out by nurses and is also host to one of the newest Biomedical Research Centres, supported by the National Institute of Health Research, the research arm of the NHS.

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NUH is already leading the development of clinical academic careers for nurses and midwives, supporting front-line staff to develop first and post graduate degrees right up to doctorates, all with the aim of advancing nursing and midwifery practice.

The new Institute will also bring together a range of developments and initiatives across the hospitals which collectively are designed to improve the quality of care for patients and career developments for staff.  These include the recently launched DAISY awards for nurses and midwives, commitment to the international ANCC Magnet recognition programme for care excellence and the development of new opportunities including driving the development of nurse and midwife clinical academic careers and advanced practice.