Tuesday 23 July 2024
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New premises for African restaurant gets the green light

A new African restaurant has been allowed to trade in an industrial estate in Basford despite concerns.

The owners of the African Base restaurant, which is currently on the first floor of the Royal Oak on Nottingham Road, applied for a licence for new premises at the nearby Bar Lane Industrial Park.

During a Nottingham City Council Licensing Panel meeting on July 24, the owners were granted a licence to open between 9 am and 11.15 pm every day of the week.

Late-night refreshments, including coffee, can be sold until 11.15 pm, however, it can only sell alcohol between 11 am and 11 pm.

The granting of the licence comes despite opposition from residents and a local councillor.

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Ruth Stallwood, a resident who lives close to the industrial estate, said: “I am speaking on behalf of lots of residents and there is a lot of concern on Bar Lane and surrounding streets about this.

“It is a lot of people in a small area and we just feel Bar Lane industrial estate is just not right for a late-night venue because this will have an impact on neighbours.

“It is already an industrial estate and that creates noise. Yes, not everybody but most of us have moved there since it became an industrial estate and we accept that.

“At any time from 6am, you can be disturbed by operational noises from the industrial estate and with this added venue that is going to create extra noise now all the way up until and past 11 pm.”

The African Base restaurant currently sits on a major bus route on the busy B682, according to Cllr Linda Woodings (Lab).

Access to the new premises will be via Whitemoor Road or Bar Lane.

It will feature an outdoor seating area at the front where people can drink and smoke and the premises will cater for roughly 65 people.

Cllr Woodings (Lab) said: “Any noise that is generated will be a disturbance to near neighbours and the quiet nature of the street means that noise will echo down the street.

“My representations are this venue will cause noise and disturbance and disruption to the residents of Whitemoor Road, especially the students, and knock-over possibly to residents of Bar Lane as well and also it could give harm to children who need a good night’s sleep before school.”

However, John Kent, the solicitor for the applicant, argued the location was already the site of an industrial estate which dates back decades.

He said: “The application has been discussed with the police licensing officer.

“There have been previous discussions with the police because you will be aware a previous application was submitted some six or more months ago by a licensing agent which, I emphasise, was withdrawn due to objections received at that time.

“But the application now is very different to that application.

“In my view, you wouldn’t hear anything at the boundary of their premises whatever was going on at the premises.

“All the representations talk about noise, music from the premises, patrons being noisy outside the premises and noise from cars, whether it is doors closing, slamming, music from cars.

“None of that would be heard at the vicinity [of residents’ properties].

“You can largely dismiss their concerns about being disturbed by noise from the premises.”

The licence was granted, however, residents will be given the number of the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) if any concerns arise.

If any problems are experienced, complainants can also apply for a review of the licence.

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