Thursday 29 February 2024
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New West Bridgford EV solar charging station can fast-charge 100 cars a day

Electric vehicle (EV) owners can now top up on the go even more conveniently in West Bridgford thanks to another charging site, the new solar powered charging hub at Gamston Community Centre car park.


The BP Pulse enabled hub can now see EV and hybrid users quickly charge their vehicles up to 80% in just 30 minutes and within touching distance of the adjacent major route of the A52.


It’s the latest installation of EV charging points from Rushcliffe Borough Council as part of its Carbon Management Plan to support sustainable transport choices.

The new solar powered EV Charging Hub is now open at Gamston Community Centre
The new solar powered EV Charging Hub is now open at Gamston Community Centre

It will see the facility able to charge up to 100 vehicles per day, 98% of which will in time be powered by natural light, helping even more residents and visitors to the Borough protect the environment, improve air quality and lower carbon emissions.

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The site is another convenient and reliable facility for EV drivers, adding to the Council’s current network of sites available in Keyworth, Radcliffe on Trent, Cotgrave and Rushcliffe Arena in West Bridgford.


Its seven sites across the Borough are now home to 21 charging points, set to increase to 34 by the end of 2022.


All users can access the facility via the contactless option and BP Pulse members can also access the facility with their RIFID card or via the app. 


All the information you need to top up at any of the sites is now at 


Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Communities and Climate Change Cllr Abby Brennan met with Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Environment and Safety Cllr Rob Inglis, Cllr Jonathan Wheeler and Cllr Davinder Virdi to view the site and discuss its features. 


Cllr Brennan said: “The charging point is an essential part of our work to become Carbon Clever and help reduce the environmental impact of our operations and become carbon-neutral by 2030.  


“As a Council, we’re committed to installing more electric vehicle charging points across the Borough, to help expand on the current network of sites available in Keyworth, Radcliffe on Trent, Cotgrave, Rushcliffe Arena and now Gamston.


“This will continue to encourage the use of electric or hybrid vehicles, as the infrastructure to support them becomes even more convenient and available to residents.” 


The authority has been able to provide the site as part of the Transforming Cities Fund, working on low carbon emission transport infrastructure that will encourage people to make the shift to electric vehicles. 


Cllr Inglis added: “We’re once again thrilled to bring more public electric charging points to Rushcliffe by providing this new solar powered facility in Gamston and just yards from one of our major road routes. 


“Across Nottinghamshire, Rushcliffe residents are among those who purchased higher numbers of electric vehicles and we thank them for sharing our commitment in making the environment a priority.


“This infrastructure will continue to support residents to make the switch to greener transport and complement our existing sites with more to come later this year.”